Voyager Three...What’s Next?

Earlier this month, Voyager 1 welcomed Voyager 2 as they joined one another deep in interstellar space. With each passing moment they continue to set new records as the farthest human made objects to have ever left the Earth. These space modules are beautiful symbols for the human condition.

It’s 2019, and the original Voyager spacecrafts continue to realize their lifelong missions. As new milestones are set in space, we are lead to question the position of Voyager 3 back on Earth. The original Voyager missions were propelled by their tremendous objectives for science, research, and humanity. Without such goals, we wouldn’t have such achievements as the golden records, the Pale Blue Dot, or any form of interstellar history. Much like the Carl Sagan-led space missions, our worldly dreams are met by propelling ventures that provide us with the necessary resources to create.

We’ve seen great success with journalism and communications production since Voyager 3’s inception, but over the past year, we’ve experienced an incredible increase in demand for our creative services. It is with this newfound demand that we’d like to announce the launching of a brand new sister company that will focus solely on providing you with the best possible creative services. Thank You Please, a creative agency built for brands, will provide expert service in graphic design, corporate branding, contemporary illustration, marketing communications, and digital strategy.

If you’re interested in having a conversation about this exciting new mission, please get in touch.

Joseph Homsy